Thursday, April 24, 2008

French Fries, Anyone?

Last night I ate pub food. I ordered a seared ahi steak and green salad with delicious purple onions and crisp cucumbers. My dinner was incredible and I felt satisfied and alert afterwards! I ordered french fries for an appetizer, but all of the dipping sauces had sugar in the ingredients! (Ketchup, Terminator Mustard, A-1 Sauce-corn syrup) After looking at these bottles of sugary dips, I ate my fries with a little bit of vinegar. If you like vinegar, this is a really excellent treat. If you don't like vinegar, like our server, then this is very stinky and will make you speak your mind!
Speaking of french fries, there is a rumor that McDonald's uses sugar to coat their french fries. The other rumor that I heard more recently is that they "lace" their straws with sugar. This seems like a silly rumor because what is the point since most straws will be plunged into a sugary drink anyway? I actually visited a McDonald's to ask about french fry ingredients, but that list was not available. However, McDonald's has an ingredients list of all of their foods online and here is what I found: Their french fries contain a lot of horrible ingredients (they are not just potatoes and vegetable oil like we would like to think):
  • hydrogenated oils,
  • partially hydrogenated oils,
  • dextrose-"commercially the term ‘glucose’ is often used to mean corn syrup (a mixture of glucose with other sugars and dextrins) and pure glucose is called dextrose."-Wikipedia (This means a form of sugar is added to the fries!)
  • TBHQ (
  • and other ingredients that you can look at:

I could not find an ingredients list for straws. As gross as I believe McDonald's food is, I think it is awesome that they provide a list of ingredients. I've often wondered what would happen to the restaurant industry if all restaurants were required to post all ingredients either on their menu, or in their front window next to their hours.

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Lee said...

Super Size Nicole? =P

On a serious note, I'm curious about the possible sugar content in your pub food, as delicious as it sounded. Did you request that they don't add a grain of sugar?

I would highly recommend you check out research done by Yale professor Kelly Brownell. He was a consultant for Super Size Me, and I was fortunate to sit in on one of his lectures on the oversaturation of unhealthy food in America. My favorite part was his discussion on the cold war between the sugar companies and the World Health Organization. Very insidious!