Friday, July 31, 2009

Dark Chocolate Tart and Temptation

I have to say if you like chocolate, check out this Deep Dark Chocolate Tart recipe. I discovered it today visiting one of my favorite recipe blogs, The Nourishing Gourmet. The ingredients are mostly crushed almonds, unsweetened chocolate, honey, coconut oil and vanilla. Some others, too, but in all, this appears to be a very easy recipe.

As I read the ingredients, I have to admit a little anxiety set in. Why was I feeling so anxious? Lack of the necessary ingredients? Then all of a sudden, it hit me. All my husband wanted for his birthday in June was Chocolate Espresso Cheesecake and I didn't come through. I won't blame it on moving or not having any of my cooking supplies near me. I also won't blame it on not knowing where the nearest grocery stores were at the time, AND being on foot only. I wished I had a better scapegoat, but the truth was, I just didn't do it.

Sometimes it is extremely difficult to make a time-intensive, sugar-laden dessert when I know I can't even lick my fingers in the process. When I'm crushing Oreos for the crust, I want to be eating them, too. I always have in the past, and even though I've gone this long (1 year and 7 months!) without sugar, sometimes certain things make me feel resentful. It's not that I feel this towards anyone, but that I got off sugar in the first place. I actually think there may be a little sugar fairy living in my psyche stimulating the pleasure center of my brain just enough to make me feel tempted to eat sugar. The pleasure juices of my brain start flowing and I can easily anticipate how pleasurable it would be to indulge. Knowing there are a floodgate of opiates just around the corner, ready to release in my brain if I indulge, I have to admit is pretty tempting.

So, sometimes I just don't want to struggle with the temptation. I KNOW I'm not going to give in, but having the choice at my fingertips, ON my fingertips, is sometimes very frustrating.

All this to say that I am very pleased to find a chocolate tart recipe that I know my husband will enjoy very much, and I will enjoy preparing because I can lick my fingers.


Kim said...

Thank you for this. I am going off sugar today. I have done this twice before for 6 weeks at a time, but as soon as the 6 weeks is done, I am back at my addiction. So, as hard as it is going to be, I am giving it up for good. I will be scouring your blog for tips, help and advice. It is good to read that you are still tempted, and that it is ok to be tempted after 1 year 7 months.
Thank you!

M said...


So proud of you!
- Lua

Sizzle said...

That sounds SO GOOD. I am totally going to make it.

My Year Without said...

Kim-Wow, sounds like you are serious about giving up sugar! 6 weeks is a huge accomplishment and you already know how difficult it can be....but I think the first several weeks are the toughest, so you've already paved the way for yourself! Let me know if I can help in any way.

Lua-Thanks--still working at it!

Sizzle-Hope it's everything you want it to be!

A Lil Bit of Sunshine said...

I know that I need to eliminate sugar altogether. After turning 40 my body tolerates foods but will not tolerate sugar or avocados. From tingling in my feet and hands to heart palpations when I drink coffee with cream and sugar. Buh Hum Bug. I think I will be forced to give up sugar. I will start with journaling my daily intake and symptoms if any after eating such foods/drinks.

Thank you