Welcome to My Year Without

On January 1, 2008, I made a New Year's resolution to cut out refined sugar for one year. I cut out white refined sugar and corn syrups. My quest to be sugar-free evolved into political interest, public health, and letter writing to food manufacturers. Join me in sugar sleuthing, and learn more about the psychological aspects of sugar addiction, and those who push sugar on us.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Agave is so Over

Ladies and gentlemen: The Nectar of Deceit.

Are there still any agave advocates out there?

As for what is happening in my life, I am about to be my own guinea pig again. Stay tuned for deets!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Artificial Sweeteners versus Natural Sweeteners - A Mercola Article

What I like about this Mercola article is that it lists/discusses the main culprits in the sugar world. This includes the most common artificial sweeteners and natural sweeteners.

For the last few years I've really been excited about natural sweeteners, but after all I've researched and experienced I've concluded that the amount in which we consume them make the consumption of them not exactly natural.

My latest bottom line (funny how this is constantly evolving) is that the healthiest natural sweeteners are whole foods. These can be eaten in abundance--we are supposed to be eating several servings of fruits and vegetables daily. (It's pretty difficult to eat more than one apple at a time, so no real fear of over-doing it.) I include dried fruit as a healthy alternative, as well. For example, the sweet, wrinkly little prune adds iron, vitamin A, calcium, fiber and potassium to your diet. In fact, I love prunes so much I felt inspired just now...

Prune Haiku
Small, moist, sweet and soft
You satisfy my craving
Sweet lingers on lips

By eating whole foods you avoid having to measure out how much to eat of this and that, but how many of us are able to resist the processed junk we've grown up with and have learned to love?