Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Amazing Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate

I found a deliciously improved recipe for hot chocolate. Thanks to the nourishing gourmet, I now have a hot chocolate recipe that is rich, creamy, frothy and still perfectly sweet. I tinkered with the orignial recipe and mine is as follows:

Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate

1/3 part coconut milk
2/3 part boiling water
2 heaping spoons of pure cocoa

1 small spoonfull honey
(or more for sweeter)
dash of vanilla

To my french press I added the coconut milk then stirred in cocoa and vanilla. After pouring in the boiling water, I stirred in the honey and then pumped my French press to mix and make it frothy.

I'm drinking this wonderfully warm, happy beverage right now. I lift my mug to you and say, "Cheers! Isn't it wonderful to be so happy without white refined sugar?!!"



Carrie said...

I was going to ask you for this recipe! I love all things coconut. So you used to live in the Pac NW? Miss it? We're actually having nice weather at the mo'. :)

Monica said...

If you didn't want the coconut flavor would you just use regular milk?


My Year Without said...

Carrie-Ha,funny! I do miss the NW but it's quite an exciting whirlwind out here! After the freezing weather and snow it's been nice here, too.

Monica-Yes. I don't necessarily like coconut flavor in everything, but this is really light and doesn't take over the chocolate flavor one bit....in my opinion! I'm actually going to try coconut milk as my "creamer" in my coffee tomorrow morning just because the hot chocolate turned out so well!

Monica said...

I would LOVE to know how that tastes! I tried coffee w/o anything and it just didn't work. I haven't had any this year...I would love if that coconut milk worked like creamer....

will said...

Oh I can't wait to try this one. I really enjoy coconut. Let us know how the coffee turns out.

maddie. said...

ooh! j'adore coconut! except it has an effect on me similar to how the aliens in District 9 felt about cat food. this recipe sounds fantabulous.

Farty Girl said...

That looks AWESOME. Great idea to use coconut milk. And your french press as a frother!!! The pic of you doubles as cute and hilarious. :)

Diane said...

Mmm, sounds yummy!Thanks for the recipe! And thanks for the comment, too!


My Year Without said...

Will-The coconut milk in coffee is delicious. I can't taste the coconut, which is good because I just want the flavor of coffee. It sweetens the coffee just enough and makes it nice and thick.

Maddie-Didn't see that movie, but my husband who did see it says you must REALLY like coconut milk!

Farty-I wish I could take credit for thinking of using the press for frothing....but I owe it to nourishing gourmet!

Diane-You are welcome!

Kris said...

Thanks for this! Your blog is exactly what I needed to find right now. I've just started on the paleo diet (meat, fruit, veggies, nuts, and eggs--what we evolved to eat) in order to help my immune system, and it's been tough. I haven't had sugar cravings since I'm eating fruit and honey, but I'm desperately needing chocolate. My fiance is an amazing cook and also doing the diet, but he doesn't have a sweet tooth. Picked up some unsweetened earlier w/ coconut milk, then just found your recipe. It's comforting to find some sugar-free chocolate recipes that don't use crap like Splenda, and don't sub out the chocolate for carob either.

My Year Without said...

Kris-And the great thing is that coconut milk is naturally a little sweet so you don't need to add much sweetener at all. I started to put coconut milk in my coffee and it meets my "needs" for a fatty creamer and sweetener. It is perfect, actually.

I'm a chocolate fan, too, although when I was vegan years ago I thought I had to eat carob and I didn't care for it much, either.

kc said...

Yum - my daughter has a dairy allergy and has been requesting hot cocoa - i tried making some with rice milk, but that didn't quite do the trick - this sounds great, can't wait to try it!