Monday, January 14, 2008

My Love Affair With Donuts

Yesterday, we drove to Hood River for fun. When we got there, we needed a bathroom and I spotted a McDonald's. I never eat there, but I always use their bathrooms--they are so clean--and you can usually sneak in a side door and back out again without being noticed. While we were there, on a whim, Jeff and I decided to ask about their french fries. Were they sugar-free? I was convinced that they were. We asked and the answer we got was that they had no ingredient information on their products. I will have to find out somewhere else. The only reason I care is that sometimes after I use their restroom on a long road trip, I feel a little obligated to buy something--but I haven't eaten their food in over two decades! I also saw "Supersize Me", which confirmed how disgusting their "nutrition" is. It might go without saying, but we walked away from McDonald's yesterday, empty-handed. However, we didn't walk away from Safeway empty-handed. At the donut section I couldn't help myself. I opened the donut case glass doors and stuck my head inside and breathed in over and over again. I am fully aware of how unsanitary this is. But I stayed there and breathed in all the frosting and fried grease that I could until I was saturated with it. I could hear Jeff chuckling behind me so I finally pulled my head out of the donut case. Funny thing is, I was totally satisfied. All I needed was to smell those donuts, not eat them.

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