Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Pizza-You Won't Believe It!

I made it through the weekend and am stronger because of it. I came face to face with an incredible challenge. It wasn't ice cream or cake or chocolate...Jeff ordered pizza! I wasn't interested at first because I had made a cream of mushroom rice casserole that I couldn't wait to taste. But as soon as we walked into Domino's to pick up the pizza, I couldn't help but breathe in every last drop of that sweet, sweet smell of pizza dough, sauce, cheese and grease. It smelled so good I decided that one piece would be perfect. Just to make sure that I was in the clear, I asked the cashier if he would check the ingredients for sugar in the sauce. He was surprised but went back and checked anyway. He still looked surprised when he returned. "I looked at the nutritional facts and there is actually sugar in the pizza sauce...I thought they just used a lot of salt," was all he said. So we walked away with Jeff's pizza and I was okay with not having any, until we got home. As soon as he opened the lid the delicious smells chased me around the kitchen while I tried to focus on my casserole. I stood still for some time looking at the pizza and thinking about the year ahead of me. Was it even possible to go without sugar? At some point, I would surely eat something with sugar and not find out until later. What about going out to eat? It wouldn't be possible to check ingredients for every little thing. I took another look at the pizza. What was my point in giving up sugar? Was it really that meaningful to me? It must be impossible. Then all of a sudden, I felt renewed and inspired to continue my quest for a sugar-free year. I will expose all of the least-likely foods to have added sugar. Because it makes me mad! You don't need sugar to make pizza!

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