Thursday, January 28, 2010

Humble Pie

I totally pride myself on my health. I love telling people that it's been "xx" this many years since I've been sick. I have felt especially immune, cutting out sugar, so I figured that as long as I was sugar-free, my immune system would have superpowers strong enough to keep me from all harm.

Yesterday I had one of the worst fevers I've ever had. My body ached. My throat just burned. But that was all. No other symptoms, so I'm doubtful it was the swine flu, which seems to include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. However, whatever it was really threw me for a loop. I took a naturopathic approach to my symptoms and let my body have its fever. I needed it to kill the virus that attacked me. I used to pop pills immediately upon feeling yucky, but now I know the importance of our body giving us a fever. It is to help us! If we treat that "symptom" we are only prolonging the flu/virus.

So, today was about recovery. It took a lot out of me to withstand the aches and pains and chills of a high temperature yesterday. My plan was to stay home all day and rest today. Then this morning I ran out of toilet paper.

Do I:
a. Take some from the public facilities in our building?
b. Hold it all day until husband can pick it up on his way home?
c. Go out and get t.p. myself?

I went out. I knew it would be refreshing to get outside today. But on the way to the grocery store I was hit head-on by a woman in her brand new 4x4 pick-up. She pulled out of a store parking lot from behind a parked truck and couldn't see me. I slammed on my brakes but still slammed into her. We pulled over and I had to wait for an officer to arrive who spoke Spanish. Unfortunately my 3+ years learning/practicing Spanish did not amount to much in this situation. It was funny, though. I told the officer that it was my brother's car I was driving and that my brother is currently in Guatamala studying Spanish. It was ironic.

Ironic and humbling, which is why I share this recipe with you.

Humble Pie

1 part being humble
1 part keeping my mouth shut
2 parts being sensitive to others

Practice this daily for best results!


Better Living Through Simplicity said...

Oooh....I love this recipe! I'm going to try it with 1 part grace and 2 parts patience!

Continued Success said...

I have just recently found your sight and my husband and I are "noodling" whether we could do this or not. We like our red wine in the evening.
Anyway I am glad you are alright after your accident and I appreciate your recipe for humble pie. We all need to do this more.
Thank you,
Carly Monkman

KitchenSink said...

I am mouth-shut intolerant. Can I substitute another ingredient?

will said...

I need an extra dose of Humble pie today. Thanks for the recipe. I think I'll try adding grace and patience as well. =) Sorry you've had a few horrid days, I pray the next few are peaceful.

'Drea said...

I hate it when I get a nick in my armor but even Superman had his kryptonite.

That sucks about your brother's car but, alas, it's a car and it can be fixed.

Monica said...

I'm glad you are okay!

Shanti said...

yikes! so glad you're ok!

Dancing Branflake said...

I hope you're okay! I, too, pride myself on being really healthy AND a germaphobe and I haven't gotten sick in almost three years. Until recently where I had a fever and horrible sore throat. I actually lost my voice. I'll definitely take your advice.

Andrea Cherie said...


I just came upon your blog while googling cookie recipes without sugar. My husband and I are nearing "100 days without sugar" and are trying to decided what's next for us as we know that we don't need to go back just because this self challenge is over. So far I've only attempted to make cookies once using agave- the texture was just awful, so I am THRILLED to have found all your recipes- your blog is going into my Google Reader today!!

My Year Without said...

BLTS-I could use these ingredients, too!

Continued Success-Thanks for writing, Carly! I think you might find this post helpful as far as sugar and alcohol go. I still drink wine and beer occasionally, and here's why:

KS-Love to hear it! I just meant about tooting my own horn.

Will-Thank you.

'Drea-For some reason, that kryptonite analogy helped all week. Thank you!

Monica & Shanti-Thanks!

Dancing Branflake-It sounds like we got the same thing! My voice has been here and there for a week now.

Andrea-Congratulations on your 100 days without!! What an accomplishment!! As far as agave goes, I've always had great success using it, however, I'm about to post why I'm never going to use it again....