Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 in Pictures

Happy 2010!

There were big changes in my life in 2009 including moving from my beloved west coast to experience the fervor of the east coast. I am still sugar-free and will be posting a re-cap soon, on helpful hints for making sugar-free a reality.

Here are a few pictures taken in 2009 since my move to the D.C. area:

Views from my 6th floor balcony.

We were welcomed to the area by some of the most beautiful lightning I've ever seen.

I love that there are farmer's markets everywhere, but I have rarely found the produce to be organic....

I spend a lot of time at the zoo here. It's free and amazing. There are beautiful jellyfish at the DC zoo, but the one above lives at the Baltimore Aquarium.

My first loaf of perfect, yeasty artisan bread!

Delicious dark chocolate, moist raspberry cupcakes. You can't eat just one.

I tried to give up coffee a few times throughout the year but always go back to it. It is really my only vice. I found a locally roasted coffee in Old Town called Misha's. I can't live without it.

At a thrift store in Old Town I found an old cane sugar brochure. I love the first line: "The food value of sugar is surprisingly high." And the last lines: "The high dietary value of sugar is universally recognized by scientists and physicians. It is vitally necessary for you to have a goodly amount of sugar in your diet--and important medical authorities tell us that for health and enjoyment there is no substitute for sugar." 50 years from now I wonder what we will think of some of the foods we are eating now.

I spied this great little piece of art as part of an art collage in the tunnel connecting the Library of Congress to the Capitol.

At the theater, Jeff ordered a small soda and it came in this size. I was and am still shocked.

One of my favorite outings here is the Eastern Market. You never know what artsy item you will find or interesting vendor you will meet.

I discovered a scary supermarket that dedicates five aisles to sodas and other sugary drinks, not including juices.

At a health food store I discovered bathroom tissue made from sugar cane fiber. I tried it and would not recommend it to my worst enemy, if you know what I mean.

My brother invited us on a trip to Charlottesville for a show, but we end up spending just as much time in a toy store, beforehand.

Once a year the Kennedy Center has an open house arts festival. Street performers from all over the world come to put on shows. I was quite taken by this guy.

Our year ends in a blistery cold storm that produced two feet of snow.

I haven't had this much fun in city snow since Portland's big snow storm in 2004.


Shanti said...

Great pics! Feels like I was there with you. =) That sugar brochure was hilarious. What a find!

'Drea said...

Nice 2009 pictures.

Re: the bathroom tissue made of sugar cane fiber, LOL.

Angie said...

Great pictures - thanks for sharing.

I'm looking forward to reading your sugar-free tips.

kilax said...

Wow! You are a wonderful photographer!!!

When we were in DC in September someone recommended the zoo to us but we didn't get a chance to go! Maybe when I am there in May I can see it.

My Year Without said...

I wish I could take credit for all of the pictures, but Jeff took some, too (the lightning and balcony pics are his!). We compete with each other for "photographer" status all the time...

I wish I had purchased that sugar brochure. It's on my list of things to do to return to that thrift store and seek it out...

Look for sugar-free tips, soon!

Teanna DiMicco said...

This post made me miss DC! I moved there from NYC two years ago while my boyfriend went to grad school at GWU and we just moved back to NYC this past summer after his graduation. I'm glad to be back in NY, but I do miss it sometimes! I LOVE Eastern Market!