Monday, January 25, 2010

Super Easy, Healthy Snacks

If you don't have time to make the hummus yourself, buy it pre-made. I would rather have this high-protein snack on hand than not at all.

Cashews, raisins and prunes. The idea here is a naturally sweet snack loaded with plant protein. I usually have a variety of nuts.

Sliced apples and almond nut butter make a refreshing, filling snack every time.

Four ingredients: sprouted organic whole wheat kernels, filtered water, organic dates, organic cinnamon. Absolutely delicious toasted and high in iron and protein. I can only find this bread at Whole Foods in the freezer section. Ask your local health food store or co-op to bring in this line of bread. The other flavors are just as amazing.

Wash and slice ahead of time and choose a healthy dressing for dip. This is the difference between whether or not I eat fresh veggies. I like shitake sesame dressing. Check ingredients!

These super healthy snack bars fit perfectly in my smallest purse. I never leave home without one because I don't ever want to be so hungry and desperate that I justify junk food. Example of ingredients for Chocolate Mint bar: organic dates, organic almonds, organic cocoa mass, organic cocoa powder, organic vanilla flavor, organic peppermint flavor. Can be found at many grocery stores in the protein bar section, and some flavors available at TJ's.

Check the ingredients of salsa or make your own. Add extra crunch and nutrition by adding fresh peppers, beans or corn.

High in iron, five ingredients: whole kernel rye, water, whole rye flour, salt, yeast. Delicious when toasted with Earth Balance margarine and sprinkled with nutritional yeast or a few drops of honey. Similarly packaged breads available at: TJ's, Whole Foods, World Market, and most grocery stores in the bread aisle.

Although I enjoy the crunch and saltiness of pretzels, they put me right to sleep (white refined flour) which makes this a yummy-yet-sinful late night snack. It's mostly just a delivery system for mustard, which I love.

Edamame, sea salt and cashews make a tasty, high protein snack that will help tie you over until your next meal.

The difference between a healthy snack and a packaged-not-so-healthy snack is whether a healthy version has been prepared ahead of time. When I take a fruit or vegetable out to cut, I try and take as many fruits and vegetables as possible and line them up behind my cutting board. This way when I need a snack, I can count on having something healthy instead of forging through my pantry trying to justify something else.

Your suggestions and tips are more than welcome!


Better Living Through Simplicity said...

Great pictures! Now I'm starving for something to munch on. I have never tried dipping peppers in dressing...genius!

will said...

Yummy! I love your snack ideas. I too have been carrying Larabars with me. I think they're delicious and my kids agree.

mc said...

Awesome list! Such simple, yet tasty and nutritious ideas - makes perfect sense :) I've been finding more and more that the key to me staying off refined sugar is ensuring that there are always healthy alternatives readily on hand. So true!

Mike said...

Thanks for taking the time to blog.
I found your post last January when I decided to give up sugar (refined and processed) for one year. You were there ahead of me.It was inspiring and helpful to refer to your site. I too have decided to keep going because it feels so much better, plus I don't get colds anymore.
Chocolate was the hardest thing to let go of for me, and then I discovered hot chocolate made with creamy thick soy milk, maple syrup, pure vanilla extract and of course cocoa powder. (And Black Bean brownies have saved my life a few times). Anyway, thanks for the recipes, tips, research, photos and general inspiration!!

K.Rae said...

I love lara bars! Most bars use soy or something else I can't eat. I love how simple lara has kept theirs.

Health and Happiness said...

Yum! I'm loving all your snack ideas. Especially edamame. I have this as an appetizer to sushi! Lara bars are such a necessity, along with hummus for sure.

'Drea said...

You have some good ideas here. I have yet to try a Larabar but it's on my list of things to try...

Samantha Angela said...

Homemade trail mix of dried fruit and nuts is my favourite snack. Especially if I roast the nuts first.

pixiepine said...

Yay! Those are some of my favorite snacks. This dip is my all time #1 for eating with raw veggies or pita/crackers for a treat:

Iva said...

these are all delicious and amazingly healthy snacks!