Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sugar in the Shower

I used sugar in the shower today! I bought a sugar scrub (that smells just like chocolate cake) for my husband who is the chocoholic. His face was glowing after his shower and he recommended that I try the scrub. "Is this going against my resolution against white refined sugar?" I thought. But of course it was not, as I was not going to ingest it, but just scrub my face with it. So I did. It was truly amazing. The scrub has a blend of sugar and nice organic oils which made my face really shiny and soft. I think it would be really funny to keep sugar around the house to scrub our faces with but not to eat.

Also, I found a really interesting ingredient today in Safeway's bulk foods section. The chocolate almonds had a sign on the ingredients list that said, "Sweetened with FruitSource". Then, it listed the ingredients of FruitSource, which are brown rice syrup and concentrated grape juice. What a relief! I tried one chocolate covered almond and found it to be delicious! Hurray for FruitSource! Hurray for Safeway for providing a healthy alternative to white refined sugar!

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