Monday, March 17, 2008

Sugar: An Inexpensive Sedative

Jeff and I just returned from a refreshing, 5-day vacation. We hot tubbed, swam, threw snowballs, photographed eagles and moose, ate delicious food, and drove around adventuring through deep snow in a Jeep rental. You learn a lot spending 24 hours a day with someone. At some point I realized something about myself. That I have become really hyper. I don't squirm in my seat or fidget when I'm idle, but I think I have a lot more energy these days. More than a couple times I would really get to talking fast about something that excites me, and Jeff would say, "Whoa! Slow down, there!" Or I would list all of the things I wanted to do that day like: hike, ski, visit the animal shelter, walk around, feed the geese, visit the animal shelter, drive up to a ridge, etc. At some point I think I became annoying, especially to myself. Where was this energy coming from? Was it because we were on vacation? Was I sleeping better? Could it be all the fish I consumed over the 5-day span of time? Then I realized that it must be lack of sugar, i.e. I am not experiencing great rises or dips in my blood sugar levels. I am actually feeling relatively sane. After thinking all of this through, I told Jeff that maybe I should start eating sugar again. Overall, it makes a great sedative!

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Jeff said...

In case anyone is wondering, we visited at least 3 animal shelters while on vacation.