Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Hear Angels Sing

Today I gave in. To caffeine, that is. I gave up caffeine around the same time I gave up sugar just to see what it would be like to be off both such stimulants. It has actually been tough--I am amazed how much "oomph" one cup of coffee gave me. The effects of that cup lasted all day, every day that I drank it. Today, I was practically falling asleep playing ping pong! Besides that, I have been feeling like I waste a part of every day napping. So today, half-way through my ping pong game, I drank a cup. Not only did I immediately hear angels sing, but I came back from losing a game to winning two ping pong games out of three.
Not only does coffee dramatically stimulate me, especially during the mid-day hump, but the taste is divine. My first sip made me realize that if I can drink coffee, I won't ever need sugar. I'm not sure about the connection there, but that is what I thought at the moment. The tough part will be to find an alternative to dairy creamer that does not have sugar. A few weeks ago before I quit coffee, I was putting in unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Not as thick as a creamer, but the best alternative I have found.
On a side note, as I was grocery shopping the other day, I picked up a box of chocolate soy milk that said in big red letters, "No Sugar Added". I was stoked and dropped it in my basket. Later, at home, I looked at the ingredients and in place of sugar was Splenda. No thanks. It was extremely sneaky how they squeezed it in the ingredients list. It seems like I have to be so vigilante about every little thing I buy! It's exhausting. Well, only 11 months and two weeks left of my New Year's resolution.


Mindy said...

I tried almond milk in my coffee this morning (I was out of non-dairy creamer) and it didn't seem to mix well. It just floated around in my coffee like little cloudy particles. Did you find that too?

Some mornings I don't have time to sip my coffee and enjoy it so I have to chug it down because I just need it in my veins. Sipping coffee in a quiet morning feels so luxurious!

My Year Without said...

A note on alternative milk products: some I have had good luck with, others not so much. I usually pour the milk in my mug first and then pour my coffee in and that helps. also, some brands seem to have more of those floaters. I will keep track of the brands that I like best and let you know.

tiffany said...

a friend actually told me about your blog and i am loving it! this post is really funny to me because i cant really tell you the connection between coffee and sugar either but that has been my problem too! i want to give up sugar, which in turn makes me want to give up coffee. for some reason sugar not that much of a, oh how i love coffee. i have come to the conclusion that coffee isn't so bad for now. first kick the sugar habit.

my tips along the way...

i enjoy hemp milk with my coffee. also try to have ice coffee instead to beat the floaters all together!

also i have stopped drinking coffee for periods of time and while it is hard for the first 3 or so days its not that impossible! the ONLY thing that has helped me in the past is replacing my coffee in the morning with a greens drink. i use Amazing Grass brand superfood and it suprising gave me that energy i needed from the coffee!

My Year Without said...

Thanks for reading!
I also love hemp milk in my coffee....especially foamed into a latte. I'm considering giving up coffee yet again just because I feel like my pH is off and coffee only makes me more acidic. We'll see. It's tough but that greens blend sounds good. I usually supplement with green or black tea, too. We'll see what happens!

I hope you're inspired on your sugar free journey!