Tuesday, January 15, 2008

10 Side Effects of NOT Eating Sugar

1. I feel superior.
2. I am saving money. Junk food adds up.
3. I have lost some weight.
4. Discussing my sugar-free diet with people has inspired others to go without sugar, and in turn that re-inspires me to continue to go without sugar.
5. Willpower! I have more willpower in other areas of my life, now: exercising, cleaning house regularly, being patient in traffic, etc.
6. I am inspired to eat healthier in general--more whole foods, less packaged.
7. I am trying new foods, new ingredients, new recipes.
8. My energy level is awesome!
9. I don't have white sugar cravings! In other words, I don't need a Snickers bar or a donut to feed my sweet tooth. If my sweet tooth acts up, a little honey in my tea actually satisfies. Unbelievable!
10. My husband is proud of me.


rajs singh said...

yeah....without sugar for more than sugar for more than 3-4 months and lost as much as ten kgs but sometimes it hindered daily life as im in hostel and some vegetable(curry) have potato mixed in it, and nothing to eat but rice, then i'll i have to settle for some oily foods to settle my hunger

My Year Without said...

Rajs-Thanks for writing. I hope you're getting all the nutrients you need--by all means the natural sugars found in whole foods are okay!

In your case, as it sounds like you're subject to hostel foods, could you suggest certain foods? If you are hungry you definitely need to eat! And according to Harvard's food pyramid, oils are good, but we don't need much every day. Are you eating enough whole foods?

I am not a nutritionist, but if you are feeling hungry and not getting enough to eat, I would advise you seek nutritional counseling.

evie and henry said...

Wow, I have just stumbled across your blog. It is perfect timing really because I am just about to cut sugar from my diet. I am just feeling so tired all the time & cant work out why. I am convinced its the sugar I am consuming.
This has given me hope!! Thanks heaps for the inspiration. Skye :)