Thursday, January 3, 2008

Overcoming Temptation

I'm on day three of no sugar. So far it's been so easy that it doesn't feel like I am giving up anything. I've had all sorts of sugary sweets put in front of me but I have not been tempted because I did not give myself the choice. For me, that's key. If I tell myself that I maybe will or maybe won't do something, when I am in the situation, I will do whatever I crave in the moment. But, if I establish with myself ahead of time what my rules are, then I don't feel temptation. I am only tempted to do things that I might do anyway. But I am strictly forbidding myself from sugar. One day at a time. To think of this entire year unfolding and all the will power I will have to muster over and over again is pretty daunting. But taking it one day at a time seems easy enough. When I knew there would be sugary treats available, I packed a little sack of alternatives for myself. That way, when I was in the moment, I didn't feel left out. In fact, when I pulled out my homemade trail mix with grain-sweetened chocolate chips, everyone was interested. They even had a chocolate chip tasting contest. It was decided that the grain-sweetened chips weren't so bad.

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