Monday, January 16, 2012

Extreme Make-Over: From Grumpy & Frumpy to Juicing and Sugar-Free

My next endeavor is to juice stuff.

The goal is to try juicing for a month or two and see how it helps with sugar cravings, energy, my sleep cycle and my weight (which has skyrocketed since moving to Texas--go figure!).

My husband is on board with this, too. Amazing.

We watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead together and when it ended we looked at each other and shared an ah-hah moment. We still have to do our research to see how this will be done, the health benefits/risks, etc. We're really not-knowers when it comes to juicing.

Any tips?


Adam Kunzler said...

Hi! I've been following your blog for a little while now and I love your articles and recipes. I'm excited about your juicing quest!

There's tons of benefits to juicing, juice fasting, and juice feasting. Norman Walker's book "Fresh fruit and vegetable juices" is a great quick read and awesome reference for benefits of specific types of juices.

Also, has a lot of information.

As I said before, I'm excited for your juicing experience and thanks for all the sugarless support and recipes!

Have fun!

Shamekia said...

I am soooooo enjoying your blog. I am a complete sugar addict and will easily replace a meal with cakes or cookies or whatever I can find. I also watched the documentary about juicing several times and want to try it also. It inspired me to at least eat more fruit and vegetables. In your free time please feel free to check out my blog at Take care.

My Year Without said...

Adam-Thanks for the encouragement and book suggestion! I have been trying to find a good guide to use so that this juicing thing is nourishing in all the right ways. We'll see what happens!

Shamekia-I completely get the substituting goodies for meal thing. The sweet tooth can be a raging machine. But, it can get under control, and nothing in the world feels better than being able to turn down sweets. I will check out your blog!

WhitMc said...

Hi! I just came across your blog when trying to figure out if I could eat dark chocolate while on my "no refined sugar" kick, but had to comment on the juicing. My husband and I started juicing at the beginning of this year, also after watching Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. We just substituted some form of green juice for breakfast each morning, and then sometimes have juice as an afternoon "snack" if we do desire. The difference is incredible, I am looking forward to seeing what you think. We have more energy, have both lost weight, and generally feel cleaner. And as a result, we are eating a lot more vegetables with our other meals as well. Plus, the juice is super yummy! Tips: throw in a lemon, it adds a nice kick. A lot of people add ginger, but we found it to be horrid. Have fun with it!