Friday, April 1, 2011

15 Sugar-Free Blogs

Thanks to the Masters in Public Health blog, here's a compilation of some great blogs. There are so many sugar-free, healthy, gluten-free blogs out there but here is one such list. I like that there is a description about each one along with a link.


*Stay tuned for an article about how I made a cross country road trip on whole foods only!*


Amy F. said...

This is so great to have found your blog!! I am on the same path, and that was my new years resolution as well (last year and this year, but last year I started out with the first 6 months only to have to get back on the wagon and go the whole, and pretty much forever, year).
It is so motivating to see what you have done!! I too feel the passion of cleaning up the food industry. I'm glad to join you on this path!
Amy F.

Justine Raphael said...

Wow! I am so impressed by your thorough analysis. Thanks so much for getting the word out. And welcome to the West! I saw your post where you came to visit our little town, Port Angeles (and yes, Country Aire is the best health food store ever!)

I don't eat sugar or any processed foods, and work with the GAPS diet to help people with various illnesses caused, in part, by our outrageous consumption of these processed non-foods.

Keep up the good work! I'll add a link to your blog on mine...