Monday, February 15, 2010

Ellen Degeneres Gives Up Sugar

I love when celebrities talk nutrition!

Click here, or here to watch Ellen's video diaries as she shares what it's like to be without the white stuff.


Farty Girl said...

Hey Dollface! I was trying to email you, but I'm on a Mac and Macs can be fussy.

Here's a link to nutritionist Marion Nestle talking about agave. It's kinda funny. She is very blase about it, which makes me think that she is like the rest of us, realizing that agave is not a miracle, "healthy" sugar. It's just a sugar.

I'm curious to hear your thoughts about Nutrition Action! Sometimes they say stuff that I just can't believe (like that coffee doesn't dehydrate you). But most of the time, they offer wonderful up-to-date info.

My favorite new fact learned from them - there's absolutely NO EVIDENCE that goji or pomegranate juices do any good for us.

Hmmm.... are you ready to take on the juice people?! ;)

Have a great day!

KitchenSink said...

I know there is sugar in alcohol and beets and carrots and apples, etc...

So is it about giving up ALL THAT SUGAR? or is it just the white icky stuff to be worried about?

And what did that fella spit out of his mouth? was it a tic tac?

My Year Without said...

I read the Q&A on Food Politics, too, and also found it interesting that agave is just another sugar. The most recent information (you gotta check out the newest Nutrition Action newsletter!) about sugars is VERY informative. The bottom line seems to be that even natural sweeteners are added sugars. Most contain none or minimal amounts of nutrients. They even included juice concentrates in their list of sugars. By golly it was a wake-up call for me. No more putting sweeteners on a pedestal because they may be "natural" or less processed.

Even though my initial quest was to give up the white stuff (table sugar) and corn syrups, I have to look at the giant amount of "natural" sweeteners I was/am using and decide how to cut down on those---added sugars! Sheesh!