Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

I hope this finds you warm and well.

I thought I would put together a consortium of blogs, recipes and ideas for the upcoming day of feasting--now only two days away. Thanksgiving has always been exciting in my family because of the foods, desserts and ultimate relaxation. I have to admit that this year, though, I am doing something quite non-traditional--homemade pizza--but for the masses seeking ideas for a more traditional Thanksgiving fare, I hope you can use something here:

The Nourishing Apron offers a sugar-free pumpkin bread recipe using honey, maple syrup and orange juice concentrate to sweeten with.

Treat yourself to a delectable, dessert-like cranberry salad, brought to you by the Nourishing Gourmet.

The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen couple have several Thanksgiving recipes, beginning with the Butternut Squash & Bean Casserole with Sage and Shallots. Scroll down for a nice list of T-Day recipes, including desserts.

Over at the Spunky Coconut you will find a mouth-watering recipe for Pumpkin Spice Cake, made with white beans! What I like about this particular post is that all her Thanksgiving recipes are gluten-free, caesin-free and sugar-free.

Still not enough ideas? Over at Diet, Dessert and Dogs, Ricki has provided quite an exhausting list of recipe ideas that look incredible.

For the morning after, try this applesauce-inspired French toast recipe with maple syrup or sauteed apples.

Whatever you do, I hope it turns out wonderful. One little piece of advice in case a cooking experiment goes awry, is always have a nice box of tea and jar of honey ready to give your host if all else fails. When it comes time for dessert, there will then be something sugar-free for you to have.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Kelly said...

Thank you so much! Happy Thanksgiving!

Ricki said...

Thanks so much for including my recipes in your list. I hope you have a wonderful, delicious Thanksgiving! :)

Krista said...

I'm excited to try the Creamy Cranberry Salad. Thanks for the link!