Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pineapple Orange Juice Cures the Sugar Blues

....Or encourages the sugar blues. One way or another, I can't get around how absolutely delicious this juice is. I bought it willy-nilly the other day when I was thirsty, over-heated and dealing with a very pesty sweet tooth at the grocery store. I know many of you wouldn't dream of drinking juice (what with those extra calories, high glycemic index, spikes in blood sugar, etc.) but I figure since I am not eating donuts or Ben & Jerry's or candy bars, juice once in a while can't be the end of the world.

I happened to pause longer than usual at the refrigerated juice section of the grocery store and found myself salivating at the pictures of tropical fruits and orange juice. I'm not a huge juice fan. I love a good grape juice and once in a while an ice cold apple juice, but I do not keep juice on hand at home. It's more like a treat. I admit, a very sugary, high calorie treat, but for someone steering clear of white refined sugar and corn syrups, this can be extremely satisfying!

I had a nip tonight with dinner, and in this heat it was incredibly refreshing. I highly recommend (for taste, texture and overall satiating factor) Dole Pineapple and Orange juice.

I realize this isn't the healthiest recommendation, but it's what's going on right now in my life. Juice. Amazing.

(Unfortunately, after testing a theory of mine tonight, I learned that nothing really covers up raw garlic breath...)


Tobias Davis said...

I know what you mean about the pineapple juice and the garlic breath! I used to drink pineapple juice when I felt a real sugar craving.

Pirawna said...

You can cut your fruit juices with coconut water so less sugar, less calories. And coconut water is nature's gatorade. Talk about refreshing.

My Year Without said...

Tobias-Yes, isn't pineapple juice the best? Especially on hot, muggy days.

Pirawna-That is such an interesting idea. I've seen coconut water at the store but have always thought it looks like you're just buying regular water. I'll have to give it a try based on your recommendation. Less calories is a good thing! I use coconut oil and coconut milk a lot so I guess it's time to try the water! Thanks for the recommendation.

Varun said...

Well,I think that Less calories is a good thing! I use coconut oil and coconut milk a lot so I guess it's time to try the water!!!!!

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