Monday, May 4, 2009

A Poem For Your Sweeter Side

I found a little note on my desk the other day. It was folded up with the words TOP SECRET written in red. It was so cute, in light of my anti-sugar fanaticism, I have decided to print it here for your enjoyment.

The note was not signed, so it was either written in disguised handwriting by my husband or by a little elf living in our walls. Either way, it's pretty adorable. I am living with a poet, whoever you may be. Here is the unedited note I received, word for word:

It's the weirdest thing.
I KNOW it's bad

my tongue wants it


my throat aches for it.

The emotion is just like
when I was a kid


had a Reese's Peanut Butter cup.

Pure, sweet badness.

I admit

I drink it because it's there.

I don't miss it when
it's not here.

The cool can in my hand as I sip
(trying not to chug)
my candied beverage.

Is it wrong to enjoy it?

Isn't this part
of modern life...

Is it bad to consume 12 oz of sweetness?

Coke is my vice...
is that bad?



Tobias Davis said...

Dr. Pepper is my vice. Mmmm.

My Year Without said...

I have to admit that the only times in my life I ever drank a soda, it was either Dr. Pepper or Root Beer. Those times were rare but exquisite.

Daniel Zore said...

I've been trying to cut down on my intake of sugar for a sometime now, and your blog has inspired me! Thank you.