Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Map of Organic Farms in the US

Click here to see a map of organic farms.

The New York Times article shows the most recent agricultural data, which is from 2007. As of 2007, there were 10,159 organic farms. Personally, I know this number to be much, much higher now that it's 2009, namely because of the recent growth of CSA's. I realize that one must take into consideration small farms that are going out of business due to big industrialized farms, but many of them were not organic to begin with. The growth of CSA farms has taken on an unusual momentum. I love it.

The map showing organic farms is great because it is broken down into three specific categories:
  • vegetable farms
  • milk farms
  • orchards
Anyway, to many of you this may not be news, but I thought it to be interesting, especially with gardening season right around the corner.

I plan to post a series of pictures of my little garden soon. My neighbor purchased a Stevia plant and I tasted a leaf--it is incredibly delicious and sweet. Looking forward to using it with mint tea, which is also growing right outside.

What are you growing this year?

PS. What in tarnation does this post have to do with sugar? If you are going without sugar or are cutting down on the amount you eat, it's activities like gardening and eating fresh produce that make it easier to live without sugar. Trust me, it can be the dickens some days, but when I wander around my garden and sample leaves and dig in the dirt, sugar is the furthest thing from my mind. It's when I'm wandering around the house that I get my sweet tooth anxieties. There is nothing like the fragrance of fresh dirt or the feel of an earthworm that satiates my senses.


Michelle said...

Haha yes I believe that eating more fresh veggies does in fact help cut down on sugar cravings. Meat on the other hand, that sends sugar cravings into overdrive.

cathy said...

What am I growing? I've started some lime basil and carrots from seed and have lettuce seeds and more basil seeds to sow. Plus green onions and tomatoes, other herbs, zucchini, and I'm not sure what else yet. We have such a short growing season here that sometimes I find it hard to think about what I can and can't grow.

I'm hopeful that by growing our own food (something I do every year, though not usually to this extent), my son will be enticed to eat more vegetables. Fingers crossed!

My Year Without said...

Could you tell me more about the meat/sugar connection? Is that your personal experience, or is it common? I find that fascinating and something I had not been aware of before, perhaps because besides fish and a rare piece of organic bird, I don't eat meat.

Cathy-Sounds like a wonderful assortment of veggies! I'm sure your son will find great pleasure in the garden. Especially when you guys pick something and eat it right away, sun-ripened. Store tomatoes and sun-ripened tomatoes right from the vine are incomparable.

I have not heard of lime basil before. Sounds delicious.

Every day I have been checking on my garden but still no sprouts. The pepper and tomato starts have grown quite a bit in a week and a half, but I am eager to see sprouts. I did find a little beautiful brown newt with an orange belly just outside the wooden garden box. It made my day!

Pam said...

Thank you for this post. I am excited that our farmer's market starts today here in Portland.