Sunday, February 22, 2009

Welcome Columbian Readers!

Thanks for taking a peek here at My Year Without.

I'm glad that you stopped by. Are you interested in cutting down on sugar? Are you wondering how in tarnation someone can eat sugar-free (including no corn syrups)? On this blog I've written candidly about the trials and tribulations of my sugar-free journey. I've also posted facts, latest research and tips on how to cut down on the white stuff. I hope you enjoy what you see and feel inspired!

I'd like to welcome everyone to my new-improved blog, as well. This face-lift will hopefully make it easier to peruse the information I have, including the scroll window at the top under MY YEAR WITHOUT SUGAR. The arrows will guide you to specific topics: Sugar Facts, Recipes, How to Cut Down on Sugar, and Artificial Sweeteners. Let me know what you think of the new look, including any comments and suggestions. This blog is for YOU, and I aim to make it user-friendly.

To read the Columbian article, click here.

Today I have a special guest blogger from the madfermentationist. Look below or click here to read about sugars in beers. It's a fascinating look at sugars used in the brewing process, written by homebrewer expert, Michael Tonsmeire.


SarahandJim said...

I did come across your site through the Columbian and I love this site. I have been considering limiting refined sugar for many years, but have not taken the plunge. Your site reassures me that I can still have sweets without the refined sugar. Thank you for the recipes!


I also came through the Columbian, though I read an article a few months back about your journey. (maybe from the Columbian, as well?)

It's been my goal to cut out refined foods for the last few months, but I'm finding it difficult to do. I have the book, "If It's Not Food, Don't Eat It!", but I haven't made it a goal to actually read it all the way through.
I know that my health will benefit greatly if I just did it, and I hope that by reading your blog, I will gain the motivation that I need.
Thank you!

My Year Without said...

I'm glad that you know now that sweets are definitely a part of the no-sugar lifestyle! One of my favorite foods in all the world is a crispy piece of sprouted wheat toast with butter, drizzled with honey. Oh man. Also, if you cut out sugar, after a while, you don't want the white stuff. Natural sweeteners and fruits will do.

It seems like there should be local groups meeting to discuss this. It can be really difficult to cut out refined foods....mostly because they are EVERYWHERE and then you have to find the alternative, UN-refined food. Once you learn where to find un-refined products, GOOD ONES, it gets easier. I always shop in the nutrition section at Freddie's and sometimes I venture to Whole Foods or Trader's. My favorite, though, is CSA season where I get piles of fresh produce and recipes on how to cook them all!

By the way, one of my favorite unrefined foods in quinoa. Cooked like rice, it is easily digested, high in protein and delicious.

AuntieStina said...

Thanks for your comment back, Nicole.
I think it would be a GREAT idea to have a local meeting about living life without refined foods. You're close to me, so go for it! (LOL)
I've been taking Juice Plus for about a year, and I'm telling you--it's good stuff when you struggle to get all your fruit and veggies in. (
Fortunately, they also make a meal replacement drink, so I use that in the mornings.

I'm finding that since cutting out the refined sugars, I'm not craving them as much. YAY!!