Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pamela's Products Has Spoken!

Pamela's Products wrote me a response within an hour of writing to them about the sugar added to their products. Here is the letter I received:

"Good afternoon---!

I do thank you for your interest in our products! I’m sorry to hear that you are unable to consume refined sugar. We do use organic sugar in our products, but I can understand being wary of sugar in general. If you log on to our website and click on the “Allergy Information” heading, this page lists all of the ingredients we use as sweeteners. We do have two cookies that are sweetened with fruit juice: the Butter Shortbread Cookies and the Old-fashioned Raisin Walnut Cookies. I will certainly pass along your suggestion to Pamela in regards to using agave, stevia, etc. in her products.

Again, thank you---, and I hope you have a great day!

Warmest regards,

Megan Warlick

Office Assistant

P: (707) 462-6605 ext.102

F: (707) 462-6642"

If you are interested in contacting Pamela's to ask for an ingredients change, I would urge you to do so! A quick email or phone call would work. It looks like they are open to customer feedback and satisfaction. Also, I've learned that one person contacting a company about something actually represents 1,000 people. Let's speak out in favor of healthier products!


Methuselah said...

Nice to see someone (other than me!) pestering companies about their ingredients. They need to know that people care and do not just blindly consume whatever crap they think they can get away with adding.

Here's what I just emailed to them:

I just wanted to ask you about the sugar you are adding to your products. Whether organic or not, the processes involved in the manufacture of sugar make it far from a natural product. This is especially confusing, given how much effort you make in other areas. Have you any plans to stop adding sugar to all your products?

My Year Without said...

I used to write letters to companies all of the time--mostly when I was a child. I enjoyed giving my feedback as much then as I do now. I have to remember to share my positive feedback with companies, as well. I will write to a restaurant if the food/service was excellent, and so on.

I appreciate you joining me in contacting Pamela's. A note like that can go a long way!