Saturday, October 18, 2008

Brown Rice Milk Recipe

Sorry for the inconvenience, everybody! It was brought to my attention that making my original raw rice milk involves some potential health risks, so I had to take the recipe off for now. I need to try the recipe using cooked rice, but before I post that recipe, I want to make it first and perhaps tinker with ingredients; sugar-free sweeteners like honey, salt, etc.

To assure everyone's absolute safety, for those of you who have already made the raw rice milk, before using any more of it, bring the milk to a boil (while stirring!) and then refrigerate it. Don't freak out if you have had any, I have been drinking it and it's been fine for me. The concern is in bacteria that may form in the rice soaking. Because the recipe did not call for any cooking/boiling, there is no way to "kill" any bacteria that may have had a chance to form in the soaking rice. The fact that our rice is imported also calls to attention different kinds of microscopic bacteria that may have piggy-backed its way into our kitchens. All of these concerns are addressed in cooking the rice, so that is why I will be posting a cooked rice version of this recipe.

Thanks for your understanding and patience with me! I'm learning as I go.


Pink Dogwood said...

I'm curious to try this... What is the flavor like?

planet urantia said...

Is the rice supposed to be cooked first?

My Year Without said...

The flavor of this rice milk is pretty plain, as I have not tried it yet with vanilla. I will try that next time. Mine tastes a lot like plain Rice Dream milk, maybe a tad more bitter for some reason. But overall it is really good, semi-sweet, and delicious in granola and I've used it as a creamer for my coffee.

As far as whether or not to cook it first, I have seen recipes for both. Most recipes have you cook the rice first, but the feedback on this is that the finished product tastes like cooked rice, rather than rice milk. I'm wondering if people are using the same water that they cooked the rice in for the rice milk?

I am actually going to try cooking the rice first, and then using fresh cold water to blend it with. I looked up the safety of using raw rice, and the biggest safety issue with raw rice is that it will make your stomach swell if it is not soaked first. So, with my rice milk recipe, the rice has been soaked and all of the "grit" has been strained out so this is not a concern, here. However, there seems to be some other concerns with the safety of using raw rice--(it's been fine for me so far!)--so I am going to try cooking the rice next time and I may alter this recipe afterward.

Thank you for your great questions!

My Year Without said...

Again, sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you! After consulting with reliable sources (all sorts of information online, and then finally, my dad the scientist!) I will have to post a new recipe that calls for cooked rice. Hopefully this will be just as delicious as my scary raw rice milk version!

HiHoRosie said...

Hey, I'm proud of you for taking on this "challenge" of no processed sugar. Can't believe how much of it is in things but glad there are wonderful alternatives.

Haven't tried brown rice milk.

I'm curious, have you tried brown rice syrup before? Sorry, I haven't checked your blog to see.

Thanks for your comment and visit today. :)