Monday, December 31, 2007

One Last Sinamin Roll

I loaded up on all the sugar substitutes I could find. I also loaded up on all my favorite teas, fruits, vegetables and anything else I love but don't usually spend money on. I let myself get all those things in hopes I won't be mad at myself when my sugar fast begins. I was surprised to find "grain sweetened" dark chocolate chips. I hope they are as delicious as they look. Also, some of the tea out there is so decadent! I will be adding a little cream (non-dairy, of course!) and honey to each cup of tea so I don't think I will feel too deprived.
A funny little psychology has taken hold of me. Because the count-down to New Year's Day has begun, I am forcing myself to eat little sugary items that I don't even necessarily want to eat! Today, shopping at Whole Foods, I picked up Jeff's favorite snack from the bakery section and then stood frozen in place as I considered my options. I could walk away. Or, I could choose to splurge because this will be the last time for a year that I don't have to carefully examine ingredients for sugar. I wasn't craving anything sugary--but I grabbed an enormous, sticky, caramelized cinnamon roll--because I could! I've already eaten it and it made me feel so heavy and gross. I hope I will remember this throughout the year when I feign cravings for bakery items like this. It's not worth it! I think that going without sugar will be pretty easy.

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