Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm Back In, Sugar's Still Out

Well, dang.

I'm putting off school a little while longer, and in the meantime, I'm learning way too much about sugar to not keep posting and sharing.

While I froze my blog for a few months in an effort to take some time off writing about sugar, I found out that school will come later rather than sooner, and I never did stop writing about sugar. I just didn't post.

Not only is there a lot going on in the world of sugar, but I keep getting emails and feedback from people which has re-inspired me to continue writing, researching and posting. I've had my own interesting experiences, as well, including a short-lived experience with sugar that I can't wait to share!

You can count on frequent posts again, and I look forward to getting back on board in this gigantic world of blogging. I just can't help it, researching and writing about sugar and nutrition has become my passion.

Thanks for hanging in there, everybody!

More soon.....

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