Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Candy Man

I was going to write about a new recipe I used to make a strawberry banana cake, or post the most recent pictures of my dad's garden that I helped cultivate (complete with ripe strawberries!), but then I came across something so interesting, I decided to put everything else on hold.

I was reading ABDPBT's blog and was instantly intrigued by the writer's former candy habit. Not only is she a witty, candid writer, she has struggled with much of what I used to wrestle with on a daily basis-sugar, of course!

Then, she shares a video she watched with Lamar Odom, of the Lakers. Rather than repeat everything here, please click on this to read her post and then click on this video to see for yourself a real life sugar confessional from the mouth of a star athlete.



abdpbt said...

Thanks for the link! Glad you like the post--looks like I should look around your site for some tips on cutting down my sugar intake even more.

Mindy said...

That is so interesting! And I thought my (former?) sugar habit was bad...that guy makes me look like a model of restraint. It's pretty sad, though...

Michelle said...

that's cool to hear about. crazy sugar cravings are so common! i held a free teleseminar a few days ago about sugar cravings and 80 people signed up. big issue.


Thanks for commenting on my cereal article. You are so right about the false claims made by cereal makers, what a crock! At any rate, congrats on your sugar-free year. Sugar truly is a diet villain, (18 of them found on my website, www.MyDivaDiet.com and in my book MY DIVA DIET: A Woman's Last Diet Book), and causes much destruction. It is in most man-made food products other than cereal, like crackers, bread, sauces, ketchup, drinks, and much more–-it is EVERYWHERE. I do blogs titled "diet villain" ALERT, and I will post one about sugar, not that you need the information, but check back!

Gusnawi Chen said...

thanks for your information about sugar, so interesting and help me to control my sugar consume.


My Year Without said...


Mindy-I think he makes most of us look good!

Michelle-Wow, that sounds really interesting. If I had known, I might have signed up, myself. I still have sweet cravings...they are just few and far between these days.

Super Fit-Can't wait to read the next "diet villain" post. I love learning new things about sugar.

Gusnawi-Thanks for the feedback!