Sunday, March 8, 2009

Childhood Obesity with Subway's Jared

I was tooting around looking at some healthy blogs this morning and came across the "Super Healthy Kids" blog. What a hoot. The second post I scrolled to was a fun interview with Jared from Subway. The Jared. So, in honor of that man's hard work and dedication to be a healthier person and pass it on, here is the interview. Here is my favorite quote by Jared in that interview:

"If you eat out, know you control the menu! Don’t let the menu control you. Ask for things prepared your way, or things that aren’t even on the menu."

Definitely click over to the Super Healthy Kids blog to read the interview. It's short and sweet. Also, Jared has his own blog and has started his own foundation with a mission to eliminate childhood obesity. I love when people turn a negative experience (being 400 lbs) into something great! Thank you Jared!

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Susan said...

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