Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bobcats and Book Clubs

The funniest thing happened last night! I was preparing some fruit for dinner and I happened to glance up and look outside. I saw some movement along the edge of the backyard, and what I initially thought was a dog ended up being a giant bobcat! (To back up a little bit, we are now staying out in the country for a few weeks, in Battleground, Washington.) I yelled for everyone to look and no one could believe it! Jeff promptly ran outside to get our dog who would not win a fight with that animal. The bobcat ran off and my mom immediately got on the phone to her neighbor to see if she had seen it. She had not seen it, and then asked my mom to let me know that she was having a book club meeting and that I was invited. By a very strange coincidence, her book club was discussing the very book I am in the middle of reading right now, "The Omnivore's Dilemma," by Michael Pollan. So after dinner I went next door and joined a great group of people! We had a lot of fun discussing the book and various topics that came up relating to issues in the book. One of which was corn syrup. Several chapters of the book are dedicated to corn: the history of, past and current production, statistics, politics, etc. Someone mentioned that corn syrup is known to be highly addictive. Someone also mentioned that corn products seem to be in most packaged items, especially corn syrup. Then someone else said they thought high fructose corn syrup has trans fats. These are great questions! Anyway, I really enjoyed discussing the book's issues and hearing other people's thoughts and experiences.

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