Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sugar's Got What it Takes

-A vintage ad taken from Life Magazine 1965


sweetandnatral said...

Is that for real?!

cathy said...

Is this for real? Even though I'm not giving up sugar, I find this add to be perhaps even more disturbing than the Corn Refiner's Association ads against HFCS. (Luckily, those adds seem to have backfired on them. Maybe the same will happen with the sugar ads.)

My Year Without said...

I found several ads like these and it makes me wonder, will we look back on the advertisements we use today with the same disgust and wonderment? Specifically the cereal commercials aimed directly at children during their highest television viewing time: Saturday morning.

I think (hope!) that someday products with sugar/HFCS will have similar WARNING labels as cigarettes have. Also, I think it would be great if there was a tax imposed upon the sale of these products. The major argument being that neither sugar or HFCS is good for us any way, and in fact are deleterious, if not immediately, then over time.

As humorous as these ads are, they really fuel my fire!