Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Sugar Confession: Part 2

So, you think it's pretty neat that someone has gone this long without eating sugar. It gives you hope and encourages you to cut out sugar yourself. You may even think that I'm a superhero.

Here's the dirty truth:
  • I eat way too much honey and jam
  • I still occasionally drink wine and beer (after all, the "sugar" that is used in the fermentation process gets "eaten" by the yeast so that the end product contains no white refined sugar--open to argument, here!)
  • I bake too many goodies and eat them all
  • My sneaky little sweet tooth still appears out of the blue
  • I imagine all the ways I can gorge myself with cake and donuts on January 1st, 2009
  • While most people fanticize about material things, I fanticize about whip cream, greasy donuts, gooey caramel and sinking my teeth into a mudd pie
  • I am basically a sugar addict in a sugar-free body...or should I say I'm sugar-free in a sugar addict's body...



I can totally relate to this! I have gone the last month avoiding refined sugar and processed carbs. I do feel better and have fewer cravings. I don’t seem to think about food as often, either. However, I’m not losing weight. I realize that it’s an adjustment and I’m giving myself a break on that. I know that I’m eating too much cheese and nuts, for example. And the exercise is definitely key – I just started working with a trainer three times a week in addition to my twice weekly yoga but have only had three sessions so far. I figure it’s going to take time to get things all working together in a synergy resulting in weight loss. I think that if I keep tweaking what I’m doing, I’ll find the balance eventually. I try to remember that it’s not a race. I’m working to improve my overall health, not get into a bikini this summer :)

P.S. I loved your banana muffins. They are AWESOME. I made a second batch as well subbing out the banana and walnuts with pumpkin puree and pecans plus pumpkin spices. It also worked out well. I froze all of them and heat one up in the microwave for a few seconds then crisp them up in a pan with a little butter. It’s great for a desert or breakfast. I’m set for awhile between the two varieties. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

cathy said...

I'm LOL at the things you fantasize about, and I completely understand! During my year plus of giving up wheat and dairy I would fantasize about bread and cheese. You're almost through your year! And though you might binge on sugar when the year is finally through, I'll bet that you don't totally go back to your old sugar eating ways after this experience.

My Year Without said...

The pumpkin substitute sounds excellent!

Cathy, giving up wheat and dairy would be quite an adjustment--way to go! I probably will not binge on sugar but I think about it a little too often.

anita said...

There is no white sugar in wine!!!!! It's fructose, just like in the juices you drink.