Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Hip, Sugar-Free Convenience Store: Locali

We have created the demand, so here is our supply: Locali.

Hot off the press, MSNBC describes this new convenience store with a conscious: "A hip version of the mom and pop corner store, Locali's aim is simply to bring healthy, fun and delicious food and beverages to a diverse range of communities across the country. There is an emphasis on local and organic food artisans, producers and growers in the inventory line-up. However, refined sugar, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup and genetically modified products are missing from the shelves."

Finally, a store that, "promotes conscious consumerism and healthy living." Can you imagine walking into a store knowing you don't have to fend for yourself among an ocean of tricky labels, false advertising, and products from China? Actually, I can't. We are actually thinking of taking a trip to LA to check out this store! I checked out Locali's website and they are eager to expand. This will happen. We are entering the Age of Transparency. People are thinking about the ramifications of their food selections like never before. Hormones and antibiotics and corn syrups and GMO's will hopefully become a thing of the past. Droves of people are starting farms and CSA's of their own, in an attempt to live more sustainably, provide local food and connect with people.

"Founders and co-owners, Greg Horos and Melissa Rosen, are a husband and wife team equally passionate about food, wellness and sustainability issues. They see Locali as part of the bridge towards a more sustainable future, providing an opportunity for themselves and others to lead more fruitful, responsible and ultimately healthier lives."


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